What is this place?

This is the website and official marketplace for Eugene-Token minted by the House of Eugene.

What is a Eugene-Token?

A Eugene-Token is a DigiAsset on the Digibyte blockchain. This DigiAsset is composed of three main components.

1. Scans of a physical asset that are stored in a IPFS CID (on Filecoin blockchain) that are then minted on the DigiAsset when created. These CIDs represent the exact asset you will receive if you choose to burn the asset through the House of Eugene burning process. Thus, a Eugene-Token should be viewed as the physical asset on the Digibyte blockchain.

2. The House of Eugene Format System [EFS]. This format will be used on every Eugene-Token minted. It gives a very minimal and informatic breakdown of what each Eugene-Token contains and what Reward system it will use.

3. Utility. Due to the robustness of the DigiAsset class, Eugene-Tokens can be staked for different events, tournaments, and voting.

Who is the House of Eugene?

The House of Eugene is the DigiAsset minting authority for the Eugene-Token. This dynamic with Digibyte and the House of Eugene gives much needed clarity and transparency to the project.

The House of Eugene is composed of founder David Martinez, developing DAO environment, and investors.

The House of Eugene’s main objectives are to maintain Eugene-Token, increase the outreach of the Eugene-Token, and create partnerships with other organizations.

The end goal of the organization is to become a dual decentralized autonomous organization (DAO) and have all major decisions regarding price of Eugene-Token, new physical assets to be minted on Eugene-Token, and Dueling/competing done by Eugene-Token holders through voting.

How can I trust you guys will actually send me the Eugene-Token after payment?

You can contact us at info@eugene-token.org, and we are on Reddit u/Eugene-Token. Please check our reputation on the forum and base your decision. We can only survive with the trust of the community and we hope to service every Eugene-Token forever on blockchain.

Where are the physical assets stored for Eugene-Token?

We store each asset in an climate controlled area inside a secure safe. Location of assets are only known to the House of Eugene, but we will always deliver asset if it is burned.

We will have quarterly audits on assets once the first series of NFTs are sold.

Currently proof of assets can be provided before every sale to ensure trust. We will also work with 3rd party escrow services to ensure sale is successful.

How do you “Burn” a Eugene-Token to get the physical asset?

It would begin with an email to burn-asset@eugene-token.org explaining that you would like to burn a Eugene-Token for its physical asset. Then, stating which Eugene-Token in serialization you are talking about and that you are the current wallet holder for the DigiAsset on DigiExplorer. After a confirmation test that you are the wallet holder, you then will have to choose a delivery option for the physical asset (mind that we are beginning with YGO-TCG cards so mailing these items are easy). We will honor most shipping costs unless it exceeds $100 USD at this time. The remaining balance will have to be paid by Eugene-Token holder. Once physical asset is shipped, Eugene-Token of that asset is burned, and tracking number is sent to burned Eugene-Token holder.

How do I get in contact with Eugene-Token support or the House of Eugene?

Please send all inquires to info@eugene-token.org.

We are also on Reddit u/Eugene-Token.

What is an easy way to check my Eugene-Token’s IPFS CID?

We use Pinata to upload and pin the scans we take onto IPFS. Easy way to view the scans are using this URL prefix and adding your CID at the end:


We will be able to use Eugene-Tokens to Duel in the future?

Yes, we are working to get Eugene-Token used as the main collateral for high stakes YGO-TCG dueling. More updates will be available in the coming weeks about this project.

We are planning all sorts of Web 3.0 live events. Please stay tuned on r/Digibyte.